It starts with passion and ends with results.

You can rest assured that we will deliver nothing but the best for you. From traditional PR to digital media, our team will work to ensure you get the right solution for both your budget and your needs.

The foundress


Here at Rosalind Shimmen Communications we believe that being nice and working hard goes a long way. This belief is the core of our business; back in 2014 we set out to launch a Digital PR Agency that works with the nicest and most talented influencers within the media industry. We kept true to our bunny nature and bonked like rabbits, growing the #rsfamily to over 800 influencers, and are now the leading network for fashion, beauty, health and fitness, gaming, lifestyle and even animal influencers.

Because of our family ethos, we are well know for our #rssocial events and our ability to develop brand to influencer relationships. Every influencer on our network we have personally met and have a great understanding on how they prefer to work and where they are heading.

There is a strong focus on developing relationships between us, the influencers and the brands we work with, with the aim to push creative barriers whilst ensuring brands can achieve all of their objectives.

Moving forward, we are currently focusing on putting on the best events, most creative special projects and are soon to launch a collaborative blogger TV channel.

Why what we do matters.

All the talent you need to conceive and execute your marketing plans and materials is right here. Strategic ideas come faster. More efficiently. More cost effectively. With all your marketing resources in one place, there’s no need to juggle – and pay for – a PR firm, ad agency, design shop, branding firm and digital agency.

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  • "Rosalind was recommended to us and she has been absolutely amazing! From the beginning Rosalind was very informative and professional and most important of all honest. She knows what she is talking about and follows through delivering outstanding results beyond our expectations. Thank you to Rosalind & her team our Instragram is looking better then ever!"

    Sheila Nguye

    Diamond Palace
  • “It's always an absolute pleasure working with Rosalind Shimmen. She grasps the essence of marketing and have the tools to connect brands with their target audience. Her delivery is seemingly effortless yet nigh impossible for others to replicate.”

    Lisa Levinson

    Forevermark De Beers Diamonds
  • “Rosalind is a ball of energy with intelligence and creativity in abundance. Having worked with Rosalind on multiple fashion focused projects I can safely say she takes on every project with genuine passion and goes above and beyond to deliver. If you're thinking about Influencer Marketing, you should always have a conversation with Rosalind. Absolute joy to work with.”

    Akhil Suchak

    Huawei Mobile
  • “Rosalind was both professional and fun to work with. She made sure everything run smoothly and efficiently and I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future”

    Kirsten Cameron

    Quiz Clothing